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    Jun 23, 2019

    Date - Sunday, June 23rd
    Location - Portsmouth, NH
    Distance - 4 or 5 nautical miles total
    Launch Time - 10:30am (arrive early enough to be ready to launch by 10:00am for pre-trip discussion)
    Lunch - 45 to 60 minutes
    Return Time  - Approximately 3:00pm
    Pace - Mild but moving (around 1.5 knots / hour)
    This trip will be an introduction to paddling with mild tidal currents (easily manageable by anyone) and just a little bit of exposure to open ocean if conditions allow.  Trip parameters may change based on weather.  This will be an excellent opportunity for anyone who has had little or no exposure to the ocean, and would like a small sample of what paddling in open waters can be like.  While a sea kayak (flotation at both front and rear of the boat) is preferred, we can discuss whether or not a different boat would be appropriate to use.
    ALL participants MUST:
    Be a current NSPN member (contact [email protected] if you need assistance) Contact me personally via Private Message (you must be logged in) or email Wear personal flotation device / life jacket Manage personal comfort (water, lunch, sunscreen, clothing, etc) Participants should come willing to learn from fellow kayakers, as this will be a great opportunity to be introduced to some of the skills needed to transition from sheltered water to ocean paddling.  This will not be a formal coaching or training session, but instead should be a fun day on the water with some knowledge being shared.
    Group size will be limited by number of leaders, so a wait list may need to be established.  Leaders, please contact me if interested in participating on this trip.  Updates on this trip may be posted on the trips forum, so those interested may want to click on the FOLLOW button at the upper right of that thread, however final details will only be shared via a group discussion offline.

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