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    May 05, 2019 02:00 PM      04:00 PM

    A little surprised to see canoes on what is predominantly a sea kayaking club message board?  Three years ago I would have been too.  After all I was a first joiner when Bob Burnett got NSPN started, the first VP of the organization, etc.  Paddled a Romany Explorer back in the day when both words were in the name and currently paddle a Current Design Prana.  But for going on three years now I'm also paddling a Mad River Malecite tandem and a Northstar Trillium solo canoe and frankly loving it.  Both types have something unique about them and both also have a lot of overlap (particularly if you're a high angle paddler).  So if you've ever wondered why anyone would paddle with a single blade, want something that might be a little easier to move around on the smaller inland waterways, or just curious about canoes, you might want to read on...after all, the name North Shore Paddlers Network was chosen for a reason.
    “Jumpstart into Canoeing” - Session 1
    Canoes, Paddles and Places - an Introduction for the Curious
    Curious about canoes?   
    Trying to find a boat you can solo or maybe one to take the family (kids and critters) or a friend paddling, fishing or camping? Or maybe one boat that can do both? Thinking about buying or just bought a canoe and have questions? Or just plan curious about canoes? 
    Then join us at the free Canoes, Paddles and Places session on May 5
    This first of three free sessions hosted by Newbury Kayak and Canoe is intended to answer these questions and more, and provide you with a jumpstart into canoeing You’ll hear, see and get answers to your questions about: Why a canoe - A quick overview of the legacy and amazing versatility of the canoe Gearing Up - How to select a canoe, paddles, and basic gear  Starting Out - Paddling basics, the “rule of the thumb”, trimming the boat Heading Out - Places to paddle, folks to paddle with, where to get more info When and where: 
    Sunday, May 5, 10am to noon.  Newbury Kayak and Canoe, 291 High Road, Newbury, MA 01950 To register or get more info: 
    Use the RSVP button above  OR Go to https://www.newburykayak.com/contact-us and fill in the “Contact Us” form.  Put the word “register” in the first line of the “Message” block, include a contact number in case of a last minute change and let us know how many folks you’re bringing. To ask a question - put the word “question” in the first line, or call us at 978-465-0312  

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