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  1. In summer Woods Hole typically gets a peanut bunker 'invasion'. I routinely carry goggles and encourage paddlers to just put them on, roll over to watch the millions of 3" fish, and just roll back up. Most absolutely love it. it's also a great way to observe molas, turtles, basking sharks and whatever other sea life we come across.
  2. Maybe it's time to find a pool that's not so trigger-happy.
  3. Ml and I are game to get together somewhere after this Saturday's (1/7) pool session. Anybody know a good place nearby?
  4. Came up on a (Epic V10) surfski paddler at Ft. Wetherill this weekend. No PFD, no wet suit, air <50F, water 60F, 3-5' surf. I don't get it.
  5. Congratulations to all who passed.
  6. I was actually thinking of making it up to Walden for some rolling practice. Is anybody planning to be there?
  7. "...because most PFDs impede your stroke..." I'm now wondering just how much an impedance to paddling a PFD is. Has anyone looked just how much time not wearing one could shave in a time trial?
  8. Change of plans: surf Nantasket - meet at 1000
  9. Thanks for a great day, Paul.
  10. You do realize that a type III PFD is not intended to turn an unconscious user face up...
  11. I'm noticing a ton of surfski folks don't wear pfd's. I spoke to one recently, and learned that since they are leashed to their skis, the skis act as flotation (instead of a PFD). It looks like the same goes for SUP's??? Frankly, I never considered that being leashed to my kayak would absolve me from the need to wear a PFD. What am I missing here?
  12. We'll be at Odiorne by 0900, with an Explorer and Pilgrim Exp. on the car. Can anyone suggest a cool breakfast place anywhere nearby?
  13. Mel and I would like to join you. Is the trip you have in mind more of a Romany or Explorer type?
  14. So I was thinking of putting up a sea kayaking poster in front of my office. Something that might catch the eye, draw folks in and get them to talk to me about sea kayaking. And maybe even try it. Trouble is, I can't even figure out what one might look like, (nevemind where to find one). So what would a poster embodying our sport show? Pretty sure it's not a dude going down a 100' waterfall, or in some mongo Welsh tiderace; also, someone floating in front of a small Maine island doesn't quite get it across. A Cape beach screams rec boat... So, is there an image that embodies your concept of sea kayaking? Oe that might recruit additional interest in what we do?
  15. I know it's a long drive for north shore folks, but down near Woods Hole, water temp is still 65F, water clarity has jumped up remarkably, and there's tons of sea life around. Mel and I will be paddling out of Woods Hole both days, probably doing a (Cape Cod) canal to Woods Hole downwind surfing run one day, and playing in some of the Woods Hole tideraces the other. I also have three guest bedrooms; please p.m. me if you'd like to stay Sunday night.