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  1. Would people come to Woods Hole for a fish-viewing-snorkel-rolling trip? Right now, there are 3 lb bluefish EVERYWHERE. In a month or so we should have our usual invasion of peanut bunker, and then a crop of Molas in the sound. I'd be glad to keep an eye on things and post a trip in prime fish-viewing season. For the slightly braver, we usually get a crop of basking sharks in the sound in late June, and for the brave-brave, I'd be glad to arrange a Monomoy trip with hopefully a close-up (inverted) look at a great white.
  2. I'm noticing fiberglass kayaks with pigments mixed in with resins. I'm familiar with pigmented gelcoats but always thought that mixing pigments with resin weakens the bond with fiberglass cloth. Does anybody know about the issue pigmenting resin, and does it reflect at all on laminate stiffness or quality?
  3. I get max ebb at the Race at 11:15? 2017-05-06 11:15 EDT -3.52 knots Max Ebb
  4. Minuteman VW in Bedford is currently selling 2015 buyback diesels (with the fix installed, of course). I told them I'd order a '17 as soon as they can get me a production number and expect they'll contact me shortly. That's the only 'news source' I have on the topic. Seems a shame to crush vehicles if they're legal to drive in the US, as the updated 2015's are, VW still doesn't have a fix approved for earlier TDi models. Back to the original topic - I really do find mine ideal for hauling kayaks and love the diesel's extended range.
  5. I think my Jetta smartwagon TDi is close to ideal for a kayak trasporter. Dieselgate notwithstanding, it'll carry 3 sea kayaks on the roof, enough gear for a 6 week self-contained 2-person trip, starts fine in -25F and is awesome in snow for a front-wheel drive car. I also love my 700 miles between fill-ups and long-term avg of 46 mpg.. I've got 215k miles on mine with no hiccups. FWIW, I just learned (from a dealer) that VW s now reselling all the 2015 buyback cars as certified-used, and they're bringing in the 2017 TDi Sportwagen this summer. I'm trading in mine for a new '17.
  6. In summer Woods Hole typically gets a peanut bunker 'invasion'. I routinely carry goggles and encourage paddlers to just put them on, roll over to watch the millions of 3" fish, and just roll back up. Most absolutely love it. it's also a great way to observe molas, turtles, basking sharks and whatever other sea life we come across.
  7. Maybe it's time to find a pool that's not so trigger-happy.
  8. Ml and I are game to get together somewhere after this Saturday's (1/7) pool session. Anybody know a good place nearby?
  9. Came up on a (Epic V10) surfski paddler at Ft. Wetherill this weekend. No PFD, no wet suit, air <50F, water 60F, 3-5' surf. I don't get it.
  10. Congratulations to all who passed.
  11. I was actually thinking of making it up to Walden for some rolling practice. Is anybody planning to be there?
  12. "...because most PFDs impede your stroke..." I'm now wondering just how much an impedance to paddling a PFD is. Has anyone looked just how much time not wearing one could shave in a time trial?
  13. Change of plans: surf Nantasket - meet at 1000
  14. Thanks for a great day, Paul.
  15. You do realize that a type III PFD is not intended to turn an unconscious user face up...