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  1. That will depend on route, which will depend on weather.
  2. Actually, Josko has the time for max ebb at Race Point , which is admittedly closer to where we would actual end up playing. Tidal Currents At Race Point.pdf My current readings are from The Race, which is a mile and a half west of the currents at Race Point. My apologies for the confusion, although I don't think that the earlier max ebb time kills the trip. In reality, the 4-1/2 nautical miles to get there will go pretty quick, and we will still have 15 miles to go from there, so I think that the timing works well. Regardless, we need to wait to see what the wind does. If it is blowing strong from the north, this is all pointless as the race will be flattened out and we will be at risk of being blown out to sea. An east or west wind will dictate which direction we take (clockwise or counter), unless it is too strong to paddle against. The ideal wind direction will be southerly, as this will create the most excitement while allowing for the most options. We should start getting a read on the weather over the weekend, and I I hope to have an accurate trip plan at the beginning of next week that I will share with those interested.
  3. See highlight in this attachment Tidal Currents At The Race.pdf
  4. I am planning an ambitious trip out to Fishers Island on May 6th with the idea to work a 4 knot max ebb at The Race around 12:42pm. Plan would be to paddle out as the ebb builds, and play in the tide race (if it develops) until it gets to be too much, at which time we will break for lunch. We can then have another play as the ebb dies a bit before heading along the south coast to East Point, at which time we will decide whether or not to ferry across to Napatree Point or not. Weather might be a factor, so route might need to be adjusted for safety and fun factor, but regardless this trip will not be for the casual paddler. The total distance as planned will be somewhere between 15-20 nautical miles with strong currents, active crossings, and potential winds as well. I expect that there are not many in NSPN who are willing to take this on, and even though I am keeping the group size small (maybe four max), I will be looking outside of NSPN as well to find enough people to go. If you are interested and want to discuss the possibility of joining me, please PM or email robertfolster at verizon dot net.
  5. I went ahead and deleted the other two postings.
  6. As has been the tradition of the Easter Bunny Plunge, the day started out with an incoherent plan, and improved from there. Since the Plunge is an early season opportunity for cold-water skills development and improvement, we had a quick briefing on the beach of what people did and didn't want to do, as well as a discussion about weather, which included the impending Small Craft Advisory to take affect in the afternoon due to the wind forecast expected to enter the 25-33 knots range. Although the wind was going to be primarily out of the south, we decided to chance it and opted for a northerly route from Riverhead Beach to Dolliber Cove and possibly beyond. The large group of 11 (one short due to illness) discussed CAM options of going as one pod or two. Since we were a well experienced group, many of whom are capable of being leaders themselves, we decided that we would be fine as one pod, and hard leadership would be minimal. As we got out of Marblehead Harbor and looked at Dolliber Cove, it was amazingly calm and uninspiring, so we continued on, a bit aimless it seemed. I initiated what I hoped to be a challenging rescue situation by loosing my boat and paddle, but was quickly and confidently taken care of, and we were soon back on our way. As we continued around the head without any real plan, we regrouped and discussed what to do with the calm conditions. I noticed Andy looking off in the distance, possibly thinking of what it might be like at Coney Island or Little Haste, but the potential SCA from the south had some nervous about being caught out of the protection of the shoreline. Bob came up with an idea of splitting into two groups and looking at landing groups in a difficult landing area, so we went back to Peaches Point and looked at landing on a formidable rock face in pounding surf with the wind whipping about......... well, maybe not so much, but it is fun (or daunting?) to think about the possibilities. Bob's group landed on an exposed point while my group looked at a spot that might have a little protection by some rocks. As we got back together and headed for lunch, some of us were noting the slight increase in the chop, and thinking about the impending SCA. After a leisurely lunch that included a number of chocolates passed around, we opted for another difficult landing in split groups using tow lines to haul boats in. My group included a skin-on frame and someone who had never even paddled near rocks, let alone landed on them, so the option instead was to leave boats behind and just swim ashore. I got myself and my boat secured so people could see the process, then we had them take turns leaving their boats with someone else and swimming up onto the rocks. For those who have not done this before, I highly recommend doing it, but please find someone with experience to help. Everyone did a fantastic job, and we were soon back on the water as one big pod again. As we headed back to Riverhead, there was a bit of conversation about the wind, or I should say the lack of it! We probably could have ventured out to the islands, but it was already around 2:00pm, and even though the wind had not yet picked up at all, some people had commitments later in the day and did not want to say out beyond 3pm ("sooner if possible"), and I think others had had enough of the day getting wet and swimming around. All in all, it ended up being another good EBP, with just about everyone getting in the water at some point (unlike previous years when I was the ONLY person to get wet). I think that maybe the late date this year (April as apposed to March) might have made a difference, but I am just glad to see the interest in the trip and the willingness to be adventurous. Thanks to all for attending, and thanks to Bob for making it an interesting day.
  7. Get a LifeProof case first, then put the tablet into a quality chart case (check for leaks first!) or some other type of watertight container that will hold it, like a clear Otterbox or something. I use LifeProof for my iPhone at work, and it protected it from the daily grind of construction work, as well as multiple kayaking trips which I carried for backup communication and weather tracking only - no checking texts, emails, or the evil FB (which I refuse to succumb to!!) You could also take Pru's advice!
  8. Float plan has been sent out to all respondents. We should have twelve on the water tomorrow, so it should be a fun day.
  9. Mark, I just got home from work and haven't done the float plan yet. Please PM the following to me: Cell phone number Vehicle color, make, model, plate number and state Boat make, model, and deck/hull colors Emergency contact name, relationship, and phone number Thanks!
  10. Weather for Saturday is looking like we could have the nicest Easter Plunge ever, with temps in the 50's and a gentle southerly breeze. Salem Harbor tides are low @ 8:44am and high at 2:58pm, so I think that a Riverhead Beach launch would be perfect. Even though water temperatures are just above 40 degrees, I plan to be in the water at some point during the day, and I encourage others to do so as well (appropriate immersion gear/clothing required). We will launch at 10am sharp, so make sure to plan your arrival so you can be ready for a beach briefing around 9:45am or so. Please post if you are definitely coming and/or send float plan info if you think I don't have your current info. I need confirmations by mid-day Friday so I can send out a float plan Friday night.
  11. So, I will admit that I am not that great at picking out specific boats for people, but I will give you my thoughts and wait for others to tell you why I am wrong. I wouldn't take his age into as much consideration because size and weight are probably more important. At 5' tall and 100lbs, he might be beyond a "kids" boat and moving into the small adult category (he is probably as tall and weighs just as much as a couple of our adult members). I would suggest looking at common design kayaks (NDK, P&H, Valley, etc) in low volume versions to accommodate the lighter weight. If you find a used one and he takes relatively good care of it, you should be able to sell it off for close to the same price when he grows out of it in a few years.
  12. What activity are you considering: WW, Ocean (play/touring), etc.?
  13. Maybe 3pm-4pm, depending on people's schedules.
  14. Probably around 9-10am if I had to guess. Looking for input.
  15. We have a potentially good size group this year, with 11 potential attendees for next Saturday. Water temps are around 39 degrees, so this is definitely a cold-water event. Long range weather forecast is looking favorable, with temps in the upper 40's to low 50's, mostly sunny, and possibly light winds (which is the important part!!). If the winds do stay light, we will have our pick of locations, but it they are forecast to pick up from any particular direction, we will need to adjust for safety and protection. In previous years, we have done this along the Marblehead to Rockport coastline, so I expect that to be our area of focus this year. I (or others) will continue to post weather forecast updates, and I would like to have attendance confirmations by mid-day Friday. You must let me know if you are coming so I can include you on a float plan - no unannounced arrivals, please. I have many peoples float plan info already, but I will ask that people check the plan to make sure info is correct. Looking forward to yet another great Plunge!!!