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  1. Thanks everyone! Great information! I still have to check out the Subaru options but I love Hondas and will probably go with the CRV even though it's high and the built in rack doesn't allow for a wide spread. I also looked at smaller cars and I've gotten too spoiled with space in my Highlander! Plus it really has protected my family over the years. I'm taking my Thule rack off my Toyota Highlander - thanks for reminding me I can get replacement "feet" to fit my new car. I hope to have something by this weekend as the car rental guy looked horrified when I casually said I probably shouldn't throw a kayak on top of the rental car! Did you know airbag replacements cost $2,000-3,000?! Easy to "total" an old car with that!
  2. Thanks everyone for all the great information. I'll be off car shopping and comparing this weekend. I hadn't thought of the VW because of their issue. I'll have to break down and call my car fanatic brother who had a VW desiel and stuck up his nose when I bought the original Prius, saying his car was better on mileage! I also got some email recommendations of the Honda CRV and the Prius, though the new Prius doesn't have the foot for the rack yet (I think). I have a Thule rack and I know the roof length makes a difference. Much to think about Thanks! Janice
  3. Thanks Jeff! I've a Thule roof rack and I like rear loading my kayak as I can more easily do it by myself. I'll scope out putting on the rack on the cars I check out. Janice
  4. Sigh...I totaled my car yesterday. I'm ok, just bruised and achy. So I'm going to need a new car to carry my kayak! I've mostly had Hondas and Toyotas and used to prefer small cars before ocean kayaking came into my life! What are people's opinions on best cars to carry kayaks, especially ease of loading by myself with room for kayak camping gear? Thanks, Janice
  5. Thanks Bob for all your hard work and for opening your house to the pre-trip navigation learning exercises. I still need work on sorting out those vectors and ferry angles! I'm sorry I could not attend the paddle the next day. Impressive trip report! Janice
  6. It is always disappointing to have it canceled. Haverhill is always apologetic but says they rely on the town plowing and consequently get plowed after the roads. The young life guard and also the building maintenance person also need to be there and they may not be as adventurous as ocean kayakers! Haverhill is north of 495 and is in the 12-16" range for this snow storm. We did ask them for an early decision this time as some people travel far for the pool sessions. Janice
  7. Pot luck for the party Please post what you are planning to bring so we don't end up with all desserts. You can post specifics or category. I'm bringing a vegan dessert and a quinoa veggie dish with a tahini miso citrus dressing. Janice
  8. We hope everyone has their calendars marked for both the General Meeting at 5:00 and the 6:00 start of the Winter Cabin Fever Breakout Party. Don't forget it's a potluck and byob and bring money for the wonderful raffle items! Last year we had a bumper year for generous raffle items donated. All proceeds go directly to three non profits that support the water environment (MITA, MCHT and Salem Sound Watch). There's still time to donate! See you there! Janice and Pru PS Bring food! Come hungry!
  9. Today's pool session will be canceled due to the snowstorm. The HS relies on the town for plowing and will not be plowed until late so they have canceled today's (1/7/17) pool session. Individuals signed up for today's with be notified. It's New England!
  10. It's winter in New England and there is always the possibility of a snowstorm. Haverhill HS will let us know by 9:00 AM if a pool session will be canceled due to inclement weather and we will post it here as soon as we hear. Thanks, Janice
  11. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful paddle. Happy New Year Janice
  12. Congratulations to all three of you! That takes dedication and hard work! Yay! Janice
  13. Great trip report and photos! Thanks Peter ( and Pru for your wonderful photos!). It was a wonderful weekend. One correction - Friday, Day 1 group 2 went around the Porcipines and also Ironbound where we encountered some big slow swells (several sets of 4-5 feet swells) along with some lively conditions. Very funny photo...the deadpan expressions next to Peters is a riot! Janice
  14. Sounds like it was a great way to spend a hot summer day! Nice trip report! Great pictures too!
  15. Thanks Pru for your photos and great trip report. It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends. Stonington and Saddleback Island have become my favorite place to paddle! I can't wait until next year!