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  1. Jonathan, 4 ft is too wide for me, so let someone else have it.
  2. Hi Julie, Sorry, but we're filled to the brim! If any cancellations, I'll let you know. In the meantime, keep your eye on the site for future trips! Prudence
  3. Al Coons, if you are still interested, pls send me your email and float plan info. Also, the group is now at critical mass and I am closing to any additional members. It's great to have so many people wanting to celebrate the start of summer. There will be many more paddles to come! Prudence
  4. Anyone interested in joining us needs to PM me by noon tmrw, Friday. Thanks. We have a large and enthusiastic group already signed up. Prudence
  5. Do you have photos or dimensions. I have tight outdoor space and not much fits... Prudence
  6. I'll be sending PM to all who have expressed interest with details about day. I will need flost plan info from everyone: name, cell, e contact name and cell, boat, car make and license (including state). Prudence
  7. Jonathan, I would be up for a changed date to allow participation in both events. Prudence
  8. Jim, glad you're interested. The paddle is for Sunday, May 28 as the post says, so not sure what you mean when you say posted refers to yesterday. I put it on the NSPN message board yesterday...Is that what you're referring to? Prudence
  9. Get what fits. If it gets toasty in the summer, just take it off and fill it with chilly ocean water and put it back on. Or roll. No problema! Prudence
  10. I'm posting to gauge interest in a Sunday of Memorial Day weekend paddle out of Odiorne. Long range forecast is looking favorable. Chance for rockplay or just enjoying the coastline. Please post here if interested, or PM me. I will follow up in a few days with more details if folks want to celebrate the start of psychological summer on the water. Prudence (no longer pru)
  11. There will beva Solstice Paddle, Al. I believe on 6/25. It will be posted. Keep an eye out!
  12. Yikes! Bill Vonnegut repaired a hole in a plastic boat in Baja. If you get no satisfactory response here, you might email him with a photo of the injury. He's well used to repairing plastic boats - and keeps a blowtorch and bits of a cut up plastic boat he uses for repairs. Good luck! pru
  13. Interested for June or July, pru
  14. Terese,, you are indeed right about confused dates. Correct dates are 9/8-11. That's the way it is on calendar. Will make sure Peter corrects mistake. Have sent him email. You can go ahead and make plans for correct dates! This is a really fun club event! pru
  15. Excellent!