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  1. Pond rolling resumes at Walden! If you haven’t attended before, see the calendar entry for logistical details. Last fall we adopted the policy that unless at least two people post their intention to attend, the session will be considered canceled. That way hopefully no one will show up and find themselves alone. I hope to attend the vast majority of sessions, and I certainly hope to see lots of old and new faces there again this year. Come have some fun! If you are attending the 5/31/2017 session, please reply to this thread. (Weather forecast permitting, I hope to post GOING next Tuesday.)
  2. Get one that FITS your head. That is the most important aspect. There are many helmets I would like to own that simply don't fit my head. I happen to use the Strutter. It does not have vents which means I do not get sunburn stripes on my head, and in the summer I sometimes use it as an impromptu pail to poor a little water over myself on those rare occasions I don't feel like rolling instead.
  3. I think I got an adrenaline fix just reading about it. :-)
  4. Wish I wasn't on the injured list. Have fun.
  5. I periodically need to clean corrosion off the battery contacts used for recharging on my old Standard Horizon DSC+GPS radio (their first DCS handheld I believe), and I'm on my second battery. Other than that I haven't had any issues. Of course they don't sell that radio anymore, so your mileage may vary. Mine floats, but it is physically LARGE for a VHF radio. I think you will find that is true for all floating handhelds. Though I still use VHS tapes occasionally at home, I haven't tried one on the water yet.
  6. Glad you didn't encounter any T-storms.
  7. I plan to attend.
  8. I'm committed to teach rolling in Nashua with NH AMC Paddlers on Saturday evening. The precise put-in may tweak my answer a little. However, Google Maps worst case estimates from Marblehead or Rockport suggest I need to be off the water loading my car about 3:00pm to safely meet my teaching commitment. BIB 10am would be a nice start time (I try to arrive an hour before BIB), but I could handle a little earlier start if necessary.
  9. How long has the trip run in past years?
  10. I will need to know the expected start and end times before I can confirm my attendance.
  11. Perhaps.
  12. I've owned a total of six Kokatat Gore-Tex suits. Three of which were delamination warranty replacements. All of them have had relief zippers and Gore-Tex socks. (Consider socks mandatory.) Three of them were Front Entry. If price is important that is the model I would recommend. One was a Meridian which basically adds an overskirt and neoprene "punch through" collars and cuffs. I did not find the other added features very useful. Now I own two Icon Dry Suits which move the zipper to the shoulder, which also makes the overskirt even drier than the Meridian's overskirt. Because I wear my Dry Suit year round on the ocean, the additional Cordura fabric is a mixed blessing. It should breath even better and be more resistant to damage than the lighter shell fabric. However, on very hot days it seems a bit hotter than the lighter Gore-Tex shell fabric. Other than that hot weather nit, I really like my Icon suits. Of course my paddling always includes rolling, and often includes surf or other rough water. Your needs might be different. Add-ons: I had a pocket added to the sleeve of a front-entry and liked that. I never used the chest-pocket on the Meridian because it was under my PFD and not a a dry pocket. I have never had a built-in hood. Their reputation is great in the rain. However, a neoprene surfer's hood has a much better reputation for rolling in cold water. Some people swear by "Coast Guard Gaskets" which are heavier and designed to be trimmed. Regular gaskets are designed to be trimmed at the neck, but stretched at the wrists. Check the Kokatat "Gizmo Custom Suit Configurator" and compare your measurements with stock suit measurements. I was close enough that I went with stock sizes. However, some people benefit greatly from custom sizing. Playing around with add-ons and custom colors can also be fun.
  13. I don't know from personal experience, but this account "Catching a huge fall Chinook from my F1 kayak" by the guy who designed and taught me to build my F1 skin-on-frame might give you some idea.
  14. Correction, the pool session fee is going to be $75 to cover all five sessions.
  15. I will be accepting TWO sea kayak students who really want to learn to roll. Intended for the kayaker who still wants someone standing next to them as they learn to roll. Part of each session will be spent learning to roll, the rest of the session students will work on assisted and self rescue skills with the NH AMC Sea Kayak Training and Paddling Practice general class. Rolling focused students must commit to attend all five Saturday evening 6:30pm-8:00pm practice sessions at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua in New Hampshire. Saturday, March 11 Nashua 6:30-8:00 Saturday, March 18 Nashua 6:30-8:00 Saturday, March 25 Nashua 6:30-8:00 no session April 2 Saturday April 8 Nashua 6:30-8:00 Saturday April 15 Nashua 6:30-8:00 [Easter weekend] Rolling focused students will need to bring a sea kayak, neoprene spray skirt, PFD, helmet, paddle (European or Greenland style), and a desire to repeatedly capsize. All equipment must be clean (hosed down at home) to keep the indoor pool area clean. Kayaker's nose plugs (has a cord unlike swimmer's nose plugs) and goggles or swim mask are also strongly suggested. The rolling instruction is offered on a “pay if forward” basis. However access to the pool sessions is $80 paid via the Merrimack Valley Paddlers white water group. All participants will be required to sign the AMC waiver. If you want to be a “Rolling Focused” student, go to this Meetup page, scroll down to “join the conversation” post “I want to ROLL!” then register for NH AMC Sea Kayak Training and Paddling Practice as usual. The two students who show up March 11th with the oldest “I want to ROLL!” comments and all required equipment will be my rolling focused students.