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  1. Congratulations!
  2. 2:00pm it is. See you there Nancy. (Sorry Pru.) Should we expect anyone else?
  3. Sorry, I want to scratch my rolling addiction again before the hiatus between pond rolling and pool sessions.
  4. NOAA currently predicts "mostly sunny, with a high near 80." If someone else will also commit to be there, I plan to drag myself to Walden for some rolling despite such a dismal forecast. :-) I would suggest we either arrive around 2pm and leave around 5pm if we want steady air temperatures, or arrive around 3pm and depart around 6pm if we want less traffic on the way home. I'll let the first person who commits to join me pick between the 2pm and 3pm arrival times.
  5. Excellent! I will plan to arrive around 2:00pm as well.
  6. I'm back in town, and looking forward to Walden again this Wednesday afternoon. I plan to be there assuming someone else also posts that they are going. I can be flexible about time, getting there around 2pm, 3pm, 4pm,... Next person to post can pick. I believe the Walden boat ramp gate is now locked at 6:30pm. So plan on getting off the water by 6pm at the latest. By now drysuits are definitely recommended for comfort. Though we will probably still see a few swimmers without even a wetsuit.
  7. Have fun folks. I'm heading down to Lewes, Delaware to get closer to Matthew. :-)
  8. I still plan to go.
  9. I expect to enjoy Walden again this Wednesday, Sept 28th, 2016.
  10. In the legal sense, I'm not a lawyer so I cannot answer that question. We know that repeatedly telling someone "now capsize" carries some amount of drowning risk. Even as a layman, I would expect doing that as a formal rolling instructor must carry some liability risk. Especially when I am not "certified as a rolling instructor" by some organization like the ACA or BCU. In the financial sense, nobody can afford to insure against all possible risks. It is generally not worth insuring against small risks which do not significantly endanger your standard of living. So generally you should carry high deductibles, and should not buy extended warranties. Liability insurance covers a very unlikely but potentially huge risk. So I do like to have liability insurance when I can get it cheaply. In practice, I don't feel much need for specific liability insurance when I am helping people I know with their rolling. Even when I am helping absolute beginners who wander into a pool session not knowing how to roll my concerns are minimal with a life guard present and a bunch of witnesses. However, this summer I was posting AMC "trips" promising to teach people how to roll. I had never met half of my students before their first lesson. Though the lessons were on a public pond, there wasn't necessarily anyone else around to act as an independent witness if something went horribly wrong. So yes, having the students sign a liability waiver, and knowing I had AMC liability insurance was to me worth the AMC bureaucracy and my annual AMC membership fee.
  11. The strength and weakness of AMC sea kayaking, at least in NH, is all trips are led, and while the leader can screen participants, most participants are in NSPN terms L2 paddlers. There are relatively few people qualified to lead trips who want to lead a bunch of AMC L2 trips. However, for those that do, AMC membership and AMC leader status is a very inexpensive way to get liability insurance for the free trips you lead. Lack of leaders seems to be the main constraint on AMC NH sea kayak trips. I wrapped myself in the AMC liability umbrella to teach some beginners rolling this summer, and all it cost me was my annual AMC membership fee plus following the AMC process for trip approval and liability waivers. For me that was a lot easier and cheaper than getting an ACA rolling certification and paying for ACA insurance. Of course as an AMC volunteer leader you must volunteer your time, not try to make money. If you want to make money as an independent, as far as I know ACA and maybe BCU are the only viable games around here.
  12. Snap Dragon support told me aqua seal might work for "temporary" repairs. They warned me to stretch the spray skirt over the coaming before applying the aqua seal because unlike the neoprene the aqua seal would NOT stretch. I ended up replacing my skirt before trying the aqua seal approach.
  13. I've only ordered a suit with CG gaskets, but it has not arrived yet. Some people swear by them, so I thought I would try one of my replacement suits with them.
  14. I plan to join you.
  15. Is this Saturday, September 24th, or Sunday, September 25th?