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  1. Christopher Crowhurst has taught "Bomb Proofing Your Roll" at Delmarva in the past. I'm scheduled to mentor it this year because Christopher is not certain he can attend, and I was his "unsinkable" student in 2014. I asked him to write up the key points to refresh my memory, and he produced this Bomb proofing your roll post. It describes what I plan to do with you Pru. For white-water paddlers, I should also mention that the AMC Boston Paddlers has been offering a River Rolling 202 session which I've attended three times as a student. It took me that long before I completed the course without a swim.
  2. Would anyone care to join me this Wednesday for lunch and/or Star Trek and/or Kayak Rolling? I'm going to lunch around noon at at 50 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01702 • (508) 879-7000. Then down the road to Jordan's to see Star Trek Beyond at Jordon's Natick IMAX the Star Trek Beyond 3D showing on Wednesday 7/27/2016 1:30 PM (Total Amount due is $14.75) at 1 Underprice Way, Natick, MA 01760 After the movie I'll head to Walden pond for some rolling. If Walden is closed when I get there ( ) and not opening by 5pm, I'll head over and join the Boston AMC White Water paddlers social at White Pond ( drop kayak at boat ramp, park at school ) instead.
  3. Pru, it is possible to significantly improve a roll beyond a "100% Walden Roll." Remind me next time we are both there, and we can practice some of the bomb proofing your roll exercises I'm scheduled to mentor at Delmarva this year. As the white water paddlers say, we are all just between swims. However, it is definitely possible to to make them far less frequent.
  4. I had a great time with Dan last night, who seems to be catching the Greenland bug! Sorry nobody else made it, there were at least 7 free parking spaces at the boat ramp. DCR News: They have installed a parking pass machine at the boat ramp. It is no longer necessary to purchase your pass at the main gate! (Credit or Debit card only.)
  5. Unless the pond closes ( I expect to be there again this week. I hope you and your wife can make it.
  6. Rob, Thursday is for surfing! Also known as practicing an occasional combat roll. I didn't mean to scare everyone off, just to adjust their timing. So far as I know, I was the only NSPNer present tonight. I missed you all. They say it is a bad sign when a social drinker starts drinking alone. After missing Walden and Surfing last week I was suffering so much rolling withdrawal I finally started rolling alone tonight. I wonder how long it will be until I'm rolling alone every day.
  7. 7/13/16 Wednesday July 13 at 2:50pm Walden Pond closed for visitor capacity Walden reopens at 5:30pm today, limited parking may be available
  8. I will try, but I am not certain I will be able to attend on July 6th. Have fun anyway. :-)
  9. You might want to cross post your SOF to the Commercial forum at and either Craig's list or EBay. I love SOF kayaks, and I wish you luck. However, realize that you are in the position of someone who ordered a custom suit, wore it a few times, then tries to sell it. To anyone else it is just a suit that doesn't quite fit, but can not easily be altered. Worst case you might donate it to
  10. I plan to be there again tonight (6/29). Haven't missed a week yet! Posting because weather hourly forecast currently says chance of thunder drops from 30% at 5pm to <10% chance from 6pm on. See you there!
  11. According to 5/28/2016: 68 F° (20 C°) For safety, you can probably wear most anything. For rolling comfort... well everyone knows what I'll be wearing.
  12. Walden resumes this Wednesday! I sure hope to have some company. For further details see the NSPN Walden Calendar entry.
  13. Congratulations to both of you!
  14. Walden Pond Skills and Stupid Kayak Tricks

    Greenland rolling, euro-paddle rolling, goose-decoy rolling, norsaq rolling, hand rolling, rescue practice, standing up in a kayak and juggling, sitting in kayaks talking without every getting wet, strokes practice, stupid kayak tricks, Walden Pond on Wednesday evenings has something for nearly every kayaker. Come join us. It is on the calendar for 2016 from June 1st through August 31st, though some people may keep going even longer. For those new to Walden, I played around with Google Maps and created this custom map showing the following places. Main Parking Entrance: You purchase your parking pass at the main parking lot entrance. Most regulars purchase a season pass, which is much more convenient than waiting in line during the peak season. We rarely park in the main parking lot unless we arrive late, or need the bathroom facilities in the main parking area. Boat Ramp Entrance: There is a gravel driveway on the other side of the road just a bit south of the main parking lot which leads to the boat ramp. Boat Ramp: Only cars with boats or handicapped tags are supposed to use the limited boat ramp parking. Be nice to the rangers, most of whom will react by being quite nice. Though a few are very "by the book" grumpy types. The rangers announce the boat ramp will be closing usually 20 to 30 minutes before it closes. The rangers close the boat ramp parking lot, and the in-gate for main parking, half an hour before the main parking lot closes. Beach Bathhouse: There are also larger bathroom/changing facilities at the main beach, a short walk from the boat ramp, though with more limited days and hours. We usually practice here: An initial pod of kayaks usually launches around 5:30pm. If you get there late, no problem, just paddle to the other end of the pond from the boat ramp where you will usually find us practicing out of sight from the boat ramp. There is no leader, but I hope to be a Walden Pond regular again this year. I also hope to see lots of new and old faces this year! -Bill Voss
  15. Somehow April 1st seems appropriate. Have fun!