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  1. Ha, ha. This video compares the Epic (a stiff hulled, low-rocker and plumb bow/stern kayak) vs. the opposite. Perhaps we need a similar video of the first (the Epic) vs. a Baidarka.
  2. From here about Baidarka kayaks it says “His book is very interesting reading, and provides basic theoretical background to support claims about their speed and seaworthiness with its forked bow and transom stern.” So perhaps it's the bow and stern and not the flex that accounts for their speed in waves. I don’t really know. Perhaps Brian can comment?
  3. Certainly flexibility contributes to performance. But I'm not convinced it increases average speed. Nevertheless, I was mainly thinking of racing style kayaks. They will run the fastest if the hull is as streamlined as possible, not flexing or deforming from the intended design. Ocean surf skis have a very stiff construction. The keel is not designed to flex. The Epic V14 GT is Epic's fastest surf ski and it has the stiffest construction.
  4. Stiffer is better as less energy is wasted as the hull flexes. So the stiffer boat will go faster for the same effort (power). However, it’s not that noticeable unless you’re racing. -Leon
  5. Oh, so you do carry a VHF. So why did you include VHF's in the list of unnecessary devices for solo paddling? Or is it that you don't think other paddlers know how to properly use a VHF so they shouldn't carry one. BTW, I'd classify the call you made as equivalent to a directed Securite call; i.e. a Securite call is sometimes "a warning needing to be issued that may concern the safety of life at sea."
  6. Why wouldn't you carry a VHF? Wouldn't you call for help in an emergency? Don't you like to monitor the weather when it's changing fast? Don't you do a Sécurité call when crossing a channel in a fog or at night?
  7. This annoys me too. I gave a presentation on sea kayaking to educate some folks on the safety of kayaking. Here’s a quote I used in the presentation: From Yachting Magazine, April 2001: A well-designed sea kayak paddled by a competent, prudent individual may be the most seaworthy craft afloat. I used Figure 3 from Sea Kayaking by Derek C. Hutchinson to help explain why narrow kayaks are more sea worthy than flat wide ones. Oops, I couldn't insert the picture from my PowerPoint presentation.
  8. Paul, I was afraid that might be true. Removing and replacing the seat is probably too difficult for me with this QCC 700X. The seat is suspended above the floor (glued to a hanger on the coaming) and only touches the floor via a lip on the front of the seat that's glued down). I'm afraid to cut through the suspension adhesive and then re-glue it. Yes, it is a super light layup (about 38 pounds ... I ordered it as a custom layup from the factory). PS The picture of the hole is exaggerated. I should have put a penny in the picture. The total length of the missing gelcoat is only about 1/2 inch and the hole is about 1/16 inch. So small perhaps it could take the flexing.
  9. Thanks, David. I found this epoxy putty in my garage. I followed the directions and pushed it into the hole. Doesn't look pretty, but I hope it will work. I'm wondering if water in the cockpit (at the top of the hole) will dislodge it. -Leon
  10. There’s a small hole all the way through the hull of my carbon fiber kayak. I can’t get to the inside because it’s beneath a glued in seat (which I don’t want to remove). I’d like to inject some low viscosity epoxy (or something similar) into the hole and than gel coat over the damage. Any suggestions? -Leon
  11. Check this earth view.
  12. That little stream is narrow and shallow, except near HT. On a hot and sunny day children play in the stream. Besides, if the life guards are on duty, I don't think they'll allow you to land anywhere on Good Harbor Beach. Gloucester residents correct me if I'm wrong. -Leon
  13. Congratulations to Sid Cohen for his second place finish in the Essex River Race. -Leon
  14. He should have been dressed for immersion, but at least he was wearing a PFD and helmet. Once he perfects Greenland rolls the invention will be a winner on Sharktank for sure. -Leon PS The Hi-N-Dry Kayak Rolling Aid would help too.