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  1. You're right, but you should have seen what it looked like 5 or 6 years ago. Like a disorganized hardware store. Now at it has useless flowers for you viewing enjoyment.
  2. Good point. Onno is a one-man operation. It's sort of like dealing with an old fashioned hardware store vs. Home Depot. Nevertheless, there are probably horror stories dealing with big retailers too. Onno's foot bar is well designed.
  3. Josko, Perhaps Wes already told you about his online reviews, but here are a couple of good ones. This and this. I'm thinking of an Onno for my next wing. I saw one at a Blackburn Challenge and it looked pretty good.
  4. Andy, Hmm, I feel like a troll here. Matt is an experienced surfski racer and I’m not. So put my 2 cents in perspective: If I were choosing I’d choose the V8 Club over the V7 because it’s got to be significantly faster. That’s because: The V8 Club’s extra foot of waterline length increases the hull speed. The V8 Club’s glass lay-up is probably a lot stiffer than the V7’s plastic lay-up. The V8 Club is much lighter than the V7 (38.5 lbs. vs. 50 lbs.) Of course the V7 can stand more beating up and it’s cheaper. However, I don’t think you want a surfski for rock play and extreme durability. That’s the job for your sea kayak. Also, hauling around the 50-pound V7 would be a lot harder than for the 38.5-poumd V8 Club. I know you have the muscle for both, but it’s still a consideration (especially after a 3-hour hard workout). I really appreciated it when I went from my 50-lb. Falcon 18 to the less than 40-lb. weights of my Epic 18X Ultra and all carbon QCC 700X. So, all and all, I think the lighter and faster surfski is worth the extra $900. -Leon
  5. The Epic V10 Sport is a 20-foot long wider ski (18.9")
  6. Be careful Andy. The surfski people start out real sweet just to tempt you. “Rolling is a waste of time”, they’ll say. “Just fugetaboutit, we’ll teach you to remount.” “Throw away your GP sticks and learn to wing”. Soon the Borg takes over and resistance is futile. -Leon And some surfski people, I assume, are good people, bigly.
  7. Oh, was I wrong? I thought only the shaft of the Club Carbon was hybrid. The blade too? -Leon
  8. Andy, I'm almost certain that the Club Carbon is a renaming of the older Hybrid model. If so, it means that only difference is that the shaft is a hybrid of carbon and glass. That’s what adds the 2-oz. My SWAG is that the green shaft is slightly more flexible than the burgundy is because all carbon is usually the stiffest (but I'm not sure). I wouldn't worry about the extra 2 oz, especially since the slight extra weight is on the shaft, not out at the ends in the blades. And I doubt that the club is significantly more flexible since, if it were, I think Epic would mention that. Just my 2 cents, Leon
  9. Yeah, yeah, I know. The Borg (McDonough, Dwyer, Chappell and Duggan) almost recruited me a few years earlier. My wife warned me that resistance is futile. Luckily I broke my leg and broke free. -Leon
  10. Congratulations Matt. I’m so jealous. That was a fantastic feat. And to think, I knew from your Merganser days (before you want to the dark side). I just looked it up -- we both raced kayaks in the 2011 Nahant Bay Race (I was in my Epic 18X). I don’t think I ever beat you after that race. -Leon
  11. Looks like a cool gadget. Too bad it doesn't also measure output power. That's what I need for a paddling optimization study I'm trying to do. I'm trying to determine how much to glide between strokes so as to minimize average power for a given speed. Some of the hype is garbage, though. For instance, here it says: The company claims the technology has been proven to increase speeds up to 4x for amateur kayakers and up to 6x for professionals. Wonderful. When paddling fairly hard I go at about 5 knots. With this gadget teaching me I'll increase my speed to 20 knots (5 x 4)!
  12. Rob, Just so you know where I coming from: When I took engineering/physics and math in undergraduate and graduate school I often studied the original sources, at least when they weren’t too difficult to understand because of old notation and language. Sometimes I found that an original work was better than the later textbooks because they were written by the real “inventors” and sometimes had more pertinent examples. After studying the “originals” my textbooks and lectures became easier to understand. Nevertheless, I understand what you’re saying about CAM. The lack of documentation is what it is. -Leon PS Thanks, for the link to “The Common Adventure Model of Outdoor Programming”. It has much more information than the general article I previously read “A Model Theory of Outdoor Programming Approaches.”
  13. At least it is in Rio for watching women’s beach volleyball.