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  1. Rolling Machine

    He should have been dressed for immersion, but at least he was wearing a PFD and helmet. Once he perfects Greenland rolls the invention will be a winner on Sharktank for sure. -Leon PS The Hi-N-Dry Kayak Rolling Aid would help too.
  2. Seaworthy Vessels

    We at NSPN know how seaworthy sea kayaks can be. But my Florida yacht club neighbors are amazed that I often go paddling on days that are too rough and/or or windy for their stinkpots. They’ve asked me, "How could my skinny seakayak be seaworthy?" I gave a presentation explaining why sea kayaks are seaworthy. Obviously, I covered self and assisted rescues and all the other basic safety skills. Also, I including the following statement from the April 2001 issue of Yachting Magazine (it may be of interest to you):  A well-designed sea kayak paddled by a competent, prudent individual may be the most seaworthy craft afloat.
  3. Monomoy seal

    Folks, we’d love to munch with you there. But please wait till the water warms up a bit. We stay away from Cape Cod until the high 50’s. -Mr. and Mrs. Great White
  4. Ugh, not my dream! I favor more environmentally friendly (no stinkpot required) and physically demanding sports like this. More eye appeal too. I’ve watched these kiteboards fly at over 50 knots. But, as I said, to each his own
  5. To each his own I guess. Port of Palm Beach.
  6. Monomoy seal

    Looks like it’ll be a bumper year for the Great white sharks.
  7. PFD Knife Part 2

    That's the one on my PFD now. I have the titanium version. I think it's not as sharp as the SS version but it sure doesn't rust at all.
  8. Zigzag vs. Zigity-Zagity

    Dan, but I didn’t say there was only one answer. The value A = 0 is a trivial case that doesn’t prove whether or not the path lengths are equal or unequal when A is greater than 0. Here’s a simpler example to show what I mean: Question: Is it true that 10A = A, where A is a real number equal to or greater than 0? Answer: The assertion is true when A = 0 and false when A > 0. -Leon
  9. Zig and his paddling partner Zag decide to paddle due north to a waypoint on the beach of Jigjag Island. Zig decides to paddle according to a two-step zigzag course; i.e. Zig paddles half the north distance at A-degrees to the left of north followed by A-degrees to the right of north until the waypoint is reached. Zag is more zigzagedness-minded then his partner. So, instead, Zag paddles a 20 step zigity-zagity course; i.e. Zag paddles 1/20’th of the north distance at A-degrees to the left of north followed by the same distance at A-degrees to the right of north; then he repeats this two step jag 9 more times until the waypoint is reached. Brainteaser: Who will log more distance-over-ground, Zig or Zag? Happy thinking, -Leon Note that "A" can be any angle less than 90 degrees. Also note that the zigzag course vs. zigity-zagity course is pertinent to sailboats tacking upwind.
  10. Manhatten Circumnavigation

    I’m sure you know that it’s (almost) 30 miles around Manhattan. I had the pleasure of doing the circuit at the NYC Mayor’s Cup races (about 5 hours of hard paddling). Biggest problems were: Docking/undocking ferryboats. Rough water at Hells Gate. Going against the tide in the East and Harlem rivers. -Leon
  11. Oops, I think it's Gould Barn (Bard).
  12. The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

    John, That’s a pretty decent polar plot, as good as the Laser that I sometimes borrow and better than my Sunfish. I’m curious: Is it a plot of true wind speed true or apparent wind speed measured on the boat with an anemometer? And if true did you calculate it from apparent wind speed? I guess the Jitdam Kapeel is a Proa. Does it have rudders on both ends, or is it sailed without rudders? I’ve been practicing sailing my Sunfish with the rudder up. It’s not too difficult in very light winds but almost impossible (for me) in heavier winds. Leon
  13. The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

    John, What a great experience you had! But even modern sloops are locked out of about a 90-degree arc centered on the wind’s direction. Based on my Sunfish’s performance, I’d guess that those Marshallese sailing canoes are locked out of at least a 110-degree arc, probably more like 150 degrees. I can’t get my head around how the ri-meto’s were able to feel the di lep and use it for navigation under such restricted sailing directions. -Leon
  14. Destination Trip Recommendations?

    Terra Santa Kayak Expeditions uses NDK kayaks and has BCU certified instructors and guides. I never went on any trips with them but I heard (third hand) that they run excellent trips. -Leon
  15. I never paddle solo without my VHF radio. I believe that a VHF radio is the single most important thing you shouldcarry in/on you PFD.