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  3. Jonathan, 4 ft is too wide for me, so let someone else have it.
  4. Hi Jonathan - any update on this? Thanks, Bob
  5. Yes it is. I just lowered the price in Craigslist to $2100. Doug 603-235-4442
  6. Is this still for sale? What a great boat and in great condition! Please let me know, as I am about to get one.
  7. Hi Julie, Sorry, but we're filled to the brim! If any cancellations, I'll let you know. In the meantime, keep your eye on the site for future trips! Prudence
  8. Prudence, Rats! Is it too late to join in the fun? Do you have room for Dave and me? Cheers, Julie
  9. I'll take it if Pru passes. I'm in Chelmsford.
  10. Be ready for the unexpected! Sea states can change quickly. Revisit old techniques and learn new ones during this intensive one-day training. Learn to handle situations in dynamic ocean conditions when things are going less than perfect. This class takes your flat water rescues and brings them into rough water. Paddlers can get themselves into tricky predicaments. Boats and gear can become damaged. How do you respond quickly and effectively to these incidents?The first step towards learning how best to deal with these eventualities is to train for them. Rock, Paddle, Surf strongly believes in the mantra that “practice makes permanent” so the more you have correctly practiced the appropriate techniques, the more ingrained they become and more easily accessible when required. The course will cover rough water scenarios, medical emergency scenarios, weather, communications, tricky landings, on water gear / boat repairs, navigation, towing and much more. It has been designed for anyone with some training in rescue techniques although a kayak roll is not needed. It is recommended for all paddlers, whether or not they lead others in the marine environment. Things to note: It will be June. It will be Maine. It will be the ocean. It will be cold water. Dress for immersion as we will be in the water. You must bring a water-sports approved helmet, a tow system, and any gear that you would normally have with you while paddling. Bring your ideas! Cost for the 1 day course: Rock, Paddle, Surf is committed to supporting the maintaining of high standards of professional training for working Maine sea kayak guides and instructors. To this end, Rock, Paddle, Surf offers this course at the discounted price of $35 for members of MASKGI. Non-members $140. To register: Please call 207-939-6045 or email
  11. Al Coons, if you are still interested, pls send me your email and float plan info. Also, the group is now at critical mass and I am closing to any additional members. It's great to have so many people wanting to celebrate the start of summer. There will be many more paddles to come! Prudence
  12. Rob/Prudence, In an effort to promote participation in both the cam training and this this training I will change the date to Sunday JUNE 18th.
  13. Anyone interested in joining us needs to PM me by noon tmrw, Friday. Thanks. We have a large and enthusiastic group already signed up. Prudence
  14. I would like to join you all. Thanks, Bob K.
  15. Pond rolling resumes at Walden! If you haven’t attended before, see the calendar entry for logistical details. Last fall we adopted the policy that unless at least two people post their intention to attend, the session will be considered canceled. That way hopefully no one will show up and find themselves alone. I hope to attend the vast majority of sessions, and I certainly hope to see lots of old and new faces there again this year. Come have some fun! If you are attending the 5/31/2017 session, please reply to this thread. (Weather forecast permitting, I hope to post GOING next Tuesday.)
  16. Prudence, Check your email. Sent you a photo.
  17. Do you have photos or dimensions. I have tight outdoor space and not much fits... Prudence
  18. Short notice for tomorrow, Friday, May 26. Salem Sound and/or Nahant Bay. If interested, PM to me for details as they develop. Thanks. - Bob
  19. I'll be sending PM to all who have expressed interest with details about day. I will need flost plan info from everyone: name, cell, e contact name and cell, boat, car make and license (including state). Prudence
  20. Jonathan, I would be up for a changed date to allow participation in both events. Prudence
  21. Rob, If there were enough people interested I will change the date to encourage participation.
  22. Johnathan, this is a really good idea, and am glad you are initiating it. Keep in mind that we are doing a CAM on-water training that day, which will include incident management as well.
  23. Evening, I have had the pleasure of paddling with some of you all either in symposiums or meeting somewhere along the way. For those of you who I have not met or spoke with previously my wife and I are both young and enthusiastic sea kayakers who are working towards our four star. We are currently trying to come up with a group who would like to spend a day at Fort Wetherill in Rhode Island practicing some rough water/ deep water rescues. The idea would be to meet at 9:00am in the parking lot for morning briefing and coffee. From there we will launch and paddle out of the cove and into the first rock feature at the mouth of the cove and work on all types of incident management such as towing, swimmer rescue in rough water, rough water rolling practice and whatever else we can fit in. If the group feels comfortable we can move to some of the larger features that surround this playground. If the opportunity presents itself we can have some fun in the rocks and scrape off some gelcoat or plastic depending on your flavor. This will not be a coached event but more everyone getting together to work with each other, work on technique and bounce ideas off one another. If some were interested I'd like to assign rolls so everything won't feel too scripted and we can have some fun surprises along the way. The beauty of this area for those who haven't paddled here, there is not only some super dynamic features but the area offers the ability to paddle back to the launch for breaks and lunch which only takes about five minutes. I expect we will all be off the water around 3:00pm and can find a local place to eat at and have a drink. Please keep in mind the water might still be semi-chilly at this time so I would still recommend donning our drysuits as everyone will most likely swim at one point or another. Those who are interested please feel free to write back here with questions, comments or concerns. Tentative Date is June 10th, however I am open to suggestions on different dates.
  24. Pru, I'm in.
  25. Prudence you know already Via email but Kelsey and I are in! Looking forward to it!
  26. Hey everybody, I have an nicely built Kayak rack for storage ande of wood that needs a new home. A friend of mine gave it to me but I built a new rack over the weekend to accomidate our 3 boats. The rack is built for two boats. If you want it just pickup and it's free. It's easily taken apart for transport. Jonathan
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